Monday, September 5, 2016

Miss Lily’s Black Ladies Natural Hairstyles

Miss Lily’s Black Ladies Natural Hairstyles

Miss Lily’s Black Ladies Natural Hairstyles,

Black women natural hairstyles are a signature attribute of Miss Lily's, the famous meeting point on the Houston Street for modern designers and artists. The place is uniquely submerged into Caribbean culture, it has Brazilian and Jamaican DJs, it serves pancakes and seafood  and fried chicken wings. Somehow in a very short period of time this restaurant and it's Variety bar have turned into a fashion icon in this world, with staff being models and designers, with waitresses in Prada and Miu Miu.

best black women hairstyles 2017 at Miss Lily's

Below you will see a smart gallery of the best looks from the jazzy restaurant and get inspired with the authentic looks of black women, with their box braids hairstyles, short and medium Afros, and bright colors of outfit and make-up all around. Yes, Miss Lily's black women natural hairstyles are the modern symbol of an original black style.

Black hairstyles at Miss Lily's

Miss Lily's squad with natural blakc hair

street style natural hairstyles for black women

box braids bun for black women at Miss Lily's

long and short natural black women hairstyles

Miss Lily's women black natural hairstyles for 2017

Mid length afro hairstyles for black women Charly and Margaux black hairstyles at Miss Lily's Kish Robinson naturally curly short hairstyles blue box braids bun hairstyles

Miss Lily's black ladies hairstyles Shelita Thompson black dreads hairstyles

miss lily's natural hairstyles for black women

short fro hairstyles for black women

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