Monday, August 29, 2016

VMA 2016 Best Celebrity Hairstyles & Looks

VMA 2016 Best Celebrity Hairstyles & Looks

VMA 2016 Best Celebrity Hairstyles & Looks,

Another year and another fantastic show at VMA 2016 with celebrity hairstyles and looks. Just last night the red carpet hosted all the most famous pop stars and now we can adore the best and worst choices at the awards. It is for several years now that we look back at VMA looks and with each year a lot changes, yet certain things remain unchanged - Video Music awards host the most daring and extravagant looks, that are worthy seeing, remembering and trying to copy at least once.

VMA 2016 celebrity looks and hairstyles

But something seemed white unusual this time with BeyoncĂ© not closing but opening the red carpet with Francesco Scognamigilio feathery dress that made her look like Ice Queen very appropriate for the coming winter time. Celebrity hairstyles at VMA 2016 vary from extra short pixies to long wet effect hairstyles. Let me show you it all now.

Celebrity ponytails at Video Music Awards

Stella Maxwell casual updo hair VMA 2016 Tove Lo messy ponytail VMA 2016 Ariana Grande ponytails from VMA 2016

VMA 2016 elegant updos

Taylor Hill high top knot VMA 2016 Rita Ora slicked updo hairstyles VMA 2016 Tinashe elegant updo hair VMA 2016 Beyonce updo hair VMA 2016

Side Swept Wavy Hairstyles VMA 2016

Halsey side swept wavy hairstyles VMA 2016 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West looks at VMA 2016

Celebrity middle part hairstyles to be trendy in 2017

Naomi Campbell middle part hairstyles VMA 2016 Nicky Minaj middle part hairstyles VMA 2016

Britney Spears signature beah waves blonde hair VMA 2016

Photos courtesy of New York Magazine‎ and Vogue


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