Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Couture Week: 2017 Hairstyles Inspired By Street Style Looks

Couture Week: 2017 Hairstyles Inspired By Street Style Looks

Couture Week: 2017 Hairstyles Inspired By Street Style Looks,

Haute Couture Fashion Week is happening right now in Paris, but off the runways we are here to see what hairstyles 2017 are set by street fashion. This high fashion show is indeed one of the most important events introducing hand made collections from the most famous fashion houses, inspiring with new designs for fall/winter season and defining the brand new directions in fashion and hair trends 2017. While on the runways each day we see several designer shows, Paris street are burst in full blossom with vibrant colors, hair designs, thus giving aspiration for no less fantastic fashion trends. The good thing about street style is that there are ordinary people whose style is delicate but casual, that can be adopted for everyday looks.

Couture 2017 hairstyles from Paris streets

Just like the runway hairstyles are mainly center parted long hairstyles, casual ponytails and buns, street style fashion represents same-like looks. Maybe even runways got inspired from street fashion this time to create popular hairstyles

Center parted hairstyles 2017

Street Style looks - center parted hairstyles 2017 street-style center part hair 2017 mid part hairstyles 2017 Paris FW

Couture 2016-2017 center parted hairstyles Couture 2016-2017 center part hairstyles center parts from street style looks Paris Couture Center parted casual downdo from Paris streets

Braided hairstyles - Paris street fashion

braided hairstyles from streets in Paris

Updo hairstyles 2017 Couture Week in Paris

Couture 2016-2017 bun hairstyles Couture 2016-2017 high bun hairstyles medium ponytails hairstyles 2017 Couture Paris

Casual side swept hairstyles

Natalie Dormer casual hairstyle in Paris streets Casual side swept hairstyle in Paris

extravagant street style looks 2017 Couture

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