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Cool Mens Hairstyles and the Weather

Any woman who spends hours in the hair salon can tell you straight away that the wild unpredictable weather is public enemy number one. More specifically when it comes to having your hair styled it is BAD weather that you have to dodge. Women across the globe can relate horror stories of expensive salon blow dried hair being lifted up by a hurricane the moment they step outside. Now there is a weather app to strike back against the bad weather that messed up your hair.

Of course cynics might say to go and have your hair styled on a different day. Sure I get that but the reality is that sometimes appointments are inflexible and so is the social calendar, so you have to take what is there. Unless you are a big celeb or a Kardashian for instance we all have to fit in with other people.

Aww Did it Rain on You?

So why is this important to a guy as men are supposed to be tough and masculine, not meant to worry about a little wind and rain right? Not true, in fact men are equally affected by hair problems caused by the weather or any other annoyance. A lot of men have hair that is difficult to style or even unmanageable. A lot of guys also are very vain, particularly young men and are very sensitive about the placement and style of their current haircut.

The Weather and Mens Hair - GrumpyWeather

Even guys ( and monkeys ) hate the wind and the rain when it messes up their cool hairstyle

Having hair blasted out of place by the wind is not the only hair management issue that guys must content with. Men are more likely to have to contend with baldness and general hair loss than women. While mild hair loss maybe relatively easy to conceal, not so if you add some wind and rain.

Vain Men Hate Bad Weather Also

In essence vain men hate bad weather, so do balding and thinning men. When hair starts to fall out it often becomes uncooperative when it comes to styling. So uncool for many guys but sadly true. The wind, rain and bad weather pisses guys off just as much as women. Now in times of famine, war and global apocalypse you might tell a vain man to go and sort himself out. However most developed nations are not in this position where a man has to be a fighter or a warrior. Instead it is ok for a dude to preen and pout like a girl.

So its COMPLETELY FINE for a dude to check his appearance in the mirror 100 times a day. Its equally ok to get really annoyed at bad weather that ruins a perfect mens hairstyle just when you need to look sharp.

Strike Back With the Grumpy Weather App

There is one way that a man can deal with the pain of a ruined barnet ( messed up hairstyle ) There is a great, unique weather app for Android and iOS called GrumpyWeather. Basically this weather app will tell you the weather like so many other apps. However it is unique since if bad weather has just messed up your hairstyle ( or is likely to ) it is possible to curse the weather and take out irritation using the app.

Grumpy Weather App

Get your own back on the weather with the Grumpy Weather app for iOS and Android


This is a great way for a man to get his own back on the weather when he blames it for messing with his hairstyle. We have to live with bad weather but we don’t have to be happy about it. Instead using GrumpyWeather app we can strike back at a bad hair day.

Perhaps after using the app men can start to relax and be less irritated about the wind and rain that dared to mess with their hairstyle. GrumpyWeather is a free, fun weather app that is available in the App Store and on Google Play.

If you blame the wind and the rain for constantly messing with your cool mens hairstyle then it is time to strike back and get even with this excellent weather app, GrumpyWeather!

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