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Mullet Hairstyles and Haircuts of Yesterday

Mullet hairstyles for men used to be highly fashionable and exceedingly cool. In some parts of the world such as eastern Europe and parts of America they still are. Like fashion and technology mens hairstyles evolve with time. It is true that many men are influenced by popular culture. Screen and music heroes of yesterday did a lot to impress their cool hairstyles upon the minds of the young and foolish.

The mens mullet hairstyle was no exception. Even today this is a style of mens hair that can look exceedingly cool when paired with the right shaped face and persona. On the other hand the mullet hairstyle can also look totally ridiculous when a dude simply tries too hard to look like their mulleted rock or movie idols.

Mullet Hairstyles and Haircuts of Yesterday

So lets talk about mullets and who are these idols that used to sport this once so cool mens hairstyle? The mullet hairstyle is a strange beast, it usually refers to a mens hairstyle that grows hair long behind the ears. The mullet hairstyle doesn’t look good on guys with thick necks or on short dudes. Also you need to have the right hair type, preferably hair that falls straight or slightly wavy. The mullet hairstyle is often found hiding interspersed with some dodgy mens highlights. Lets see some cool mullet haircuts.

The MacGyver Mullet Hairstyle

The mullet mens hairstyle done right can give you a nostalgic cool action hero look like this guy is sporting. This particular mullet hairstyle belongs to action hero MacGyver who is a top agent for the Phoenix Foundation, ( on television. ) MacGyver worked for a progressive agency devoted to righting the wrongs of the world (such as bad mullets. )

mullet hairstyles - macgyver mullet

 MacGyver is known in real life as Richard Dean Anderson of Stargate fame and he is a mullet idol for many young men. Lets move on and see some more awesome power mullet hairstyles.

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