Thursday, May 12, 2016

Harry Styles New Haircut and New Direction

Big celeb news if you like One Direction as singer Harry Styles new haircut is a short mens hair style. If you are a fan of pop band One Direction then it will not have escaped your attention that lead singer Harry Styles, famed for his trademark long curly locks has gone and had a cool celebrity hair cut. The long hair is gone and in its place Harry Styles is sporting a much shorter hair style than he had before.

If you ever wondered how does Harry Styles do his hair then he used to sweep his long hair right back. Now people do not tend to hold back when talking about celebs like Harry Styles. Either to praise them of criticize them, a celebrity is often open season for scrutiny.

Harry Styles New Haircut

Naturally as a member of boyband One Direction Harry styles is a pretty popular guy. Celebrities are often seen as trendsetters as their adoring fans head out to try an emulate their hair style and fashion. A couple of mean critics have suggested that Harry Styles is actually suffering from a receding hairline. Now given his age and popularity any form of premature hair loss would be decidedly uncool.

While sporting a shorter hairstyle in itself is no real protection against hair loss it will certainly place less stress on the hair if there is less of it to fly about. Harry Style’s hair was very long indeed.

Harry Styles New Haircut Gallery

If you are a busy celebrity or public figure like Harry then a shorter hairstyle is so much easier for him to manage.

Harry Styles New Haircut

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