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Dawn of Rough Justice, Balding Celebrities with Thinning Hair

For some men losing their hair, going bald and suffering from premature thinning hair is a sad fact of life and getting older. Balding celebrities have the same problem and hair issues also. Often we look at our Dads and sympathize with his thinning pate as we never expect our own hair to suffer a similar fate. Or at the very least thinning hair and a receding hair line is going to be years away right? So wrong, as for some unfortunate men ( and even women ) hair loss can strike at very early ages.

I even remember a poor Indian kid at my school that cannot have been more than 16 year old already sporting a bald spot the size of saucer. This kind of premature hair loss is simply not cool when your whole adult life is yet to arrive. Growing up and looking cool for the ladies is hard enough without the trauma of losing hair as a young man.

A mere mortal suffering from thinning hair, balding or temple recession as a young man faces difficult enough life challenges ahead. Some dudes have the right character and persona to accept their hair loss. Other men a have good physique and face shape and actually look quite good bald so the concern of losing their hair is far less for them.

However many young men feel that they look like complete slap heads, unattractive and insecure. They feel the need to seek out hair replacement systems ( syrups ) or attempt medication and hair transplants. Some young men will go to extreme lengths to get their hair ( and life ) restored.

Balding Celebrities, Celebs With Thinning Hair

So spare a thought for celebrities and superheroes. One might think from all the glossy magazines and celeb web sites that they are immune from hair loss. You always see them looking cool, smooth and groomed to perfection, what is their secret you might ask? How do they get such great mens hairstyles that do as they are told and look good 24/7?

Sometimes they simply have great genes and cool hair. Actors like Zac Efron, Rob Lowe and Brad Pitt  and rockstars like Jon Bon Jovi and Kip Winger simply have big bouncy mens hairstyles that goes where you tell it to and their hair looks good all the time.

Bret Michaels Wig - balding celebrities

The rumor is that Bret Michaels and his bandana are more than just good friends

However you maybe surprised to learn that more than a few male celebrities have a little secret or not so secret. This may or may not surprise you when I say that Brendan Fraser is bald, Ted Dansen is bald, John Travolta is bald, Matthew Mcconaughey was balding until he had it fixed.

Poison lead singer Bret Michaels has hair loss, rumor is that his bandana and rockstar hair now come as one. Enrique Iglesias is also a syrup wearer. ( toupee ) So even big celebrities are not immune to losing their hair. Jeremy Piven was balding until he also had it fixed up. As was playboy Calum Best who had a pretty good set of hair transplants.

Baldman V Slap Head Man : The Dawn of Rough Justice

Ok so celebs suffer from hair loss and thinning hair also which may offer the normal guys some comfort. What about superheroes? I am pretty sure that Iron Man and Thor are still sporting their own hair ( Robert Downey Jr and Chris Hemsworth respectively ) However for the son of Krypton and heir of Wayne Industries, Superman and Batman respectively I cannot be so sure.

Ben Affleck Bald -balding celebrities

Hollywood actor and Batman star Ben Affleck suffers from mild hair loss

It would seem that this summers blockbuster battle between Batman and Superman in Dawn of Justice has just as much to do with their battle against receding and thinning hair. Batman actor Ben Affleck is a a rumored toupee wearer or rather he wears a hair system which is a flash marketing term for a wig. In Hollywood there are far more balding celebrities than you might think.

Ben Affleck Toupee - balding celebrities

A little too good to be true perhaps – You decide

Superman actor Henry Cavill has good hair on the whole but his hair is starting to recede slightly at the front. In normal life no big deal for sure but as Superman it sucks. As for Ben Affleck, no one is entirely sure just how bald he really is. In all probability he uses a hair system to simply add volume and maintain his Hollywood style as he is only 43.

Henry Cavill Receding Hairline - balding celebrities

Henry Cavill Receding Hairline

It would seem that even Kryptonite cannot save Superman Henry Cavill from a receding hairline. His hair loss is still actually fairly minor and if he wasn’t Superman nobody would give a hoot. However just as with balding celebrities the general public likes to know about balding superheroes also. Such is the intensity of celebrity life under the microscope. Particularly if your hairstyle has something to hide.

Henry Cavill Hair Loss - balding celebrities

Even Superman has a bad hair day


Dealing With Premature Male Hair Loss

So it is clear to see that balding celebrities are everywhere as are balding superheroes. If you are a young man showing the first signs of hair loss then act as soon as possible. There are medications such as Minoxidil and Propecia that will slow the process and concealers that will hide it. The medications and concealers such as Toppik often work very well together and you can still hang on to a cool hairstyle for some time longer, perhaps for years like some of these celebs.

While you may not be able to stop premature hair loss all together it might become manageable this way. Keep to your medication and remain positive. The male hair loss industry is huge and massive sums of money are poured into research and development. While there may not be a permanent solution to mens hair loss right now. In five or ten years anything is possible.

So hang in there and take some comfort in the knowledge that even Batman and Superman and many balding celebrities suffer from hair loss and a receding hairline. They also feel your hair pain.

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